Toasted cumin and saffron Basmati

This is a great rice base for your Indian/Asian dishes.

Toasted Cumin and Saffron Basmati

1 c basmati rice

2 c water, vegetable, or chicken stock

1 T butter

1 T cumin seeds

1 large pinch saffron, crumbled

1 t salt (only if you aren’t using stock)

In a small stock pan melt butter over medium low.  Add the cumin seeds and let cook until the cumin toasts to a darker brown and the aroma is toasted and smoky.

While the cumin is toasting, add the saffron to the warm water or stock to rehydrate.

Add the rice to the pan with the melted butter and stir to coat rice the the flavored butter.  Add the water/stock/saffron and bring to a boil.  Turn the heat down to very low and cover.  Turn off the heat after 5 minutes and let sit covered for 15 minutes or enough time to hydrate the rice to your preferred texture.

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