Feed your belly

Get a Yoga Belly!

Get a Yoga Belly!

Do you want your belly to look like this?  Ok, so maybe the guys reading this would rather not, but I bet everyone else would be willing to do A LOT if this were a possibility.

You know what, it is a possibility!

The thing about getting your belly in this kind of shape is that it is not all about core movement, it has a whole lot to do with how you are nourishing your belly.

There are many foods that will help you lose the bloat, limit water retention, soften and hydrate the skin, maximize the availability and absorption of the critical nutrients, and build long and lean muscles.

The most exciting part of eating for a yoga belly is the foods taste GREAT and the vitamin and mineral supplementation are easily accessible at your local pharmacy or nutrition shop.

Never think that this is out of your reach.  I don’t care if your mom was fat, your dad was fat, or you were born fat.  And please don’t ever say “I am too old”.  I am 47 and my belly is beautiful–inside and out!  If you really want it, you can have it!  It won’t happen over night, but it will happen!