Carousel Pizzas

Hi ya!  Today I thought I would share my favorite pizza combinations.  We had a big pizza party here at the casa last weekend and my neighbor and mother-in-law refused to let me in the kitchen–I was instructed to mingle while they topped the pizzas.  Mingle I did!  What a great evening of eating, drinking and catching up.  I have no idea what sorts of pizzas were created, but they were having a blast custom creating for the hungry party-goers all night long!

Before the party, I put together a list of our carousel (regular rotation) topping combinations for Celine and Brenda to use, but once the custom orders started coming in, I don’t know how many of mine were actually made.  Which is why I am posting them here!  If you have a favorite combination please let me know what it is and I will fire up the oven and give it a try!

Carousel Pizzas

Peach, Pig, and Parm

  • Freshly grated parmesan cheese
  • Roasted garlic
  • My red pizza sauce
  • chipotle pepper flakes
  • very thinly sliced peaches or mango
  • pancetta, pan fried very crisp and crumbled into tiny pieces

Sun-dried tomato, sweet onion, and hot, hot pepper

  • baby mozzarella, cut into very small pieces
  • sundried tom
  • my red pizza sauce
  • jalapeno, minced
  • carmelized onions
  • chipotle pepper flakes

Pesto and roasted corn

  • roasted corn, with loads of minced garlic, and chipotle pepper flakes
  • pesto sauce
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Italian cheese blend
  • chipotle pepper flakes
  • freshly ground pepper

Margherita Pizza

  • my red pizza sauce
  • mozzarella slices
  • fresh or dried basil
  • chipotle pepper flakes
  • freshly ground black pepper




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