About Jill

Radiant Jill

Radiant Jill

Jill Michaels, RD/LD, RYT-200, BS Exercise Physiology, BS Foods and Nutrition.  

business card photo 1I am a registered and licensed dietitian with almost 20 years of consulting experience.

In that 20 years, I have worked with clients with all types of dietary needs. Together we designed programs for them to change their habits, change their outlook, and change their lives.

I am a lover of all food, cooking and finding ways to make good meals better.

I have always exercised, in fact in college (and for many years after) I would do TWO high impact step classes and run a mile or two on the treadmill 5 days a week, just to be in ok shape.

For a very long time, I was a yoga skeptic.  I honestly couldn’t believe that hocus pocus practice could give ME the kind of workout that would challenge my body AND mind.  The first class I took (back in 2000) was a huge failure.  I hated it!  It was a big class and there was no personal attention.  I left feeling completely under-whelmed, under-worked and quite frankly, EMPTY!   I would hear friends talking about what an awesome yoga class they had gone to and I would just roll my eyes.

It wasn’t until my husband got the P90X series (2007ish) and I did Tony Horton’s version of yoga that changed my jaded view.  Holy smokes!  That was definitely not the place to start, but it did give me a painfully great workout and a whole new perspective on yoga.

I started spending more time practicing–sometimes in my basement, sometimes in a class–getting strong and finding life in the parts of my body that had felt like dead weight for a very long time.   Once my body started changing, I felt myself craving and needing more.  It was time to find a way to deal with the stresses in my life (crazy job, dreaded autoimmune diagnosis at a young age, husband who had been treated for cancer 2 times, etc, etc, etc).  I decided to learn more about the philosophy behind the practice and quickly I found myself better able to manage my disease, my reaction to stressors, my energy levels, and ultimately find some PEACE in my action and stillness.  

In the winter of 2012, I completed my yoga teacher training at the beautiful Anamaya Yoga Resort with Paula Tursi of Reflections Yoga and opened Yoga Belly in early 2013.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from Kansas State University (12/92) and have recently gone through Neurokinetic Therapy Training to refresh my knowledge on muscle testing, groupings and compensations.  All of this to say that I am well prepared–body, mind, and spirit to work with you to help you find your strength, flexibility, and balance.

I KNOW positive change can occur through an intersection of Yoga and sensible eating, because it has happened for me!

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 35.  I was recently married to the man of my dreams, very successful in my career in specialty pharmaceutical sales, enjoying travel and my life when the diagnosis came.  It was a scary time — one that I prefer not to think much about, but needless to say my body and mind needed repair.DSCN5373

As a dietitian, I pretty closely followed the food guide pyramid eating PLENTY of whole grains (i.e. gluten), dairy (i.e. cheese), and low fat meats.  Very inflammatory and very harmful for someone with my diagnosis (and in general, most people).  Since upping my intake of healthy fats and whole foods, specifically fruits and vegetables, limiting meats and dairy, and completely cutting out gluten, my body is healing.  I strive everyday to repair another broken piece of my brain and spine by making these anti-inflammatory dietary choices, daily meditation, and through my challenging, yet calming yoga practice.

You don’t have to be broken to want to improve your physical health, mental wellness, emotional state, energy stores, and self confidence.  I have a feeling if you are reading this, you could stand to make some changes yourself!  Join me in a yoga class and/or book a private nutrition consultation.  If you are tired of feeling like you are not in control, let me help you get to know a healthier, happier YOU!